Thursday, December 02, 2004

"I don't wanna hear it!" 

I am sick and tired of arguing with people who think Bush can do no wrong. I am sick of it. It sucks that you present people with facts and they tell you those who report facts are liars or out to get Bush. It's related to the election mostly. But I doubt it will stop. If we are lucky there's a huge scandal (as if there aren't enough already), and Bush's legacy is tarnished because otherwise, it's Reagan v. 2 with Bush's main achievement being getting 2 terms with one election one.

Of course, I do not believe Kerry or whoever would commit no errors. The point is that Bush has made unforgiveable ones and that a Kerry presidency has a better chance of correcting them. Besides, I can't stand the dude. I could probably stomach Bush the First better than Bush the Second. What about Jeb? The guy is pretty bad too but at least he probably knows his positions better than Bush.

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