Monday, November 22, 2004

"Everybody plays five minutes, ok" 

Since the Sheriff reads this website now, let's recite a little history.

We were all in High School at the time. That included me, C (PHYSICIST), B (UPSMAN), and A (The SHERIFF). Well it turned out that C got a friend of his to lend him Final Fantasy 7 which was like the game at the time. Kinda like Halo 2 or Half Life 2 right now. Anyway, C also had the playstation. A and B liked to take advantage of C's generosity. hheh... biters.

So C took the playstation to A and C's house. (They are brothers you see). And when we started to play A laid down a rule. "Everybody plays five minutes ok". B and C said sure. Quickly though, A hogged the controller and said "10 more minutes" and then he said "Till I get to the next town".. then A was like "let me get to the next movie". B and C eventually just watched A play cuz A needed to explore this other forest for the millionth time. hehe. Way to go A, you only let B and C play for like an hour tops of the 30 hour game or whatever. Thanks A!

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