Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's hard to argue with people who believe.. 

false things:

Nonpartisan, academic poll found 72 percent of Bush supporters still believe Iraq had WMD. 75 percent think Iraq gave substantial support to Al Qaeda. Some 63 percent believe evidence of this support has been found. Should US have gone to war if our intelligence concluded Iraq was not making WMD or supporting Al Qaeda? 58 percent said no.

from here.

There it is, if WMD were not being made and Iraq was not allied with Al-Qaeda most Bush supporters would not have gone to war with Iraq! Can you believe that? This is the actual case right now. Iraq had a couple of meetings with Iraqi intelligence back in the mid-nineties, and never helped them kill a single American. The Duelfer report (the final report from the CIA on the weapons) says that there no WMD's of any sort! They apparently had intent.. just like I have the intent to win the lottery.

But Bush supporters continue to believe things that are not true. Their support of Bush is tied to this. How can you argue with these people who believe false things because otherwise, they would have to conclude Bush mislead them. There is no equivalence here, Republicans believe their guts and not their very own eyes or ears.

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