Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Bush is thrown out of office. It boggles the mind that a man that has wrought such damage to the nation is still even in the race. His Iraq policy sucks. He fails to secure nuclear material in Iraq, he fails to secure very powerful explosives in Iraq, he can't seem to do anything right. He must be a figment of my imagination. As you may or not know, his support among conservatives is sky high. Like 90 percent of them plan to vote for him. I have thus determined that their support is mostly based on his "persona" and his "country-boy" schtick. Surveys show that Republican don't even know what he stands for.

He does not represent the Republican party at all. Except for Delay I guess. Anyway, he is against big government but his watch has increased the size of the US government more than Clinton, a supposed Big Goverment Liberal.

He does not exercise wise use of money. We are in deficits as far as the eye can see. No-Bid contracts are no way to dish out goverment money.

Taxes are his only real conservative value but even so, his use of this tactic has backfired and empirelled the long term fiscal stability of this country.

Gay Unions? He is for them now apparently which makes his position the sames as.... Kerry's. Except he was against them when that amendment was proposed. Flip flopper! haha...

Abortion? He is against it as we know. But is government intrusion into what women can and not do with their bodies truly the domain of government.. I don't think so. That should be a true conservative value.

Iraq? An interventionist war fought on now discredited terms against a country who posed the same threat as the Fiji Islands (I exaggerate)? Now the reason for war was because we are fighting for freedom and liberty. Bullshit. I rather think that Bush was sold a bargain I don't think he understood. I think it went something like this:

In the Vice President's office.... Jan 2002.

Cheney: George, we must attack Saddam. He's a threat, he's got weapons of mass whatever, and plus, it will be fucking easy. CIA guys went back and gave the right answer I asked for the other day. Bitches.

Rove: Two successful wars and we are a lock on Nov. 2. It's not like we are gonna have continuing guerilla insurrection and a perfect advertisement for Jihad against the West for imposing their values on Muslims.

Bush: You guys are right. Fuck Saddam. We are taking him out.

Q. E. D.

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