Friday, October 22, 2004


Bush said Kerry won't be able to keep America safe. Now that's bullshit. Who the fuck got up and served in the real war in the 70's. It takes a lot of balls for Bush to imply Kerry does not have what it takes to defend America. I guess boozing it up in the "Champagne" squadron really got them Commies scared shit-less. Besides...

We all know Bush fucked up finding Osama, can't protect the ports (the most likely conduit for a nuclear attack), stirred up the hornet's nest that is the Middle East, can't stop coddling Sharon, the "man of peace", frayed our alliances to the bone, and his relection campaign has the National Security Council director and Homeland Security director parading across the country like good old Laura and the gal's instead of doing their fucking job: PROTECTING THE COUNTRY. What happened to the election terrorist threats? I guess those were bullshit too. Par for the course.

Bush is one gigantic screw up. It's too bad people who support him won't repent now and won't come clean about it for another 30 years. Wait, even then they'll whitewash everything, so if you show Bush like the blundering idiot he is, you'll get boycotted and beat down like those people who did the Reagan movie. Republicans need to get a grip and realize Bush is screwing every single one of their principles for the sake of power. Get this guy out for the love of God!

He was born in Conneticutt for God's sake.

"But you are fat" 

Best. argument. ever.

Hah Hah.

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