Sunday, October 17, 2004


One thing is sure, the Republicans are gonna fight like hell to get Bush elected. They might even throw out legitimate ballots:

As if this election were not already controversial enough, on Oct. 8, a former employee of the Republican funded Voters Outreach of America (a.k.a. America Votes and Project America Votes) reported a shocking development.

In the affidavit that he filed against the Clark County Registrar of Voters, claimed that he was told to ask prospective voters, "Whom would you vote for in the next election?" He was told to register only those who supported President Bush, and received a pay dock when he registered people of both political parties.

Worse, he alleges that he "personally witnessed (his) supervisor at VOA, together with her personal assistant, destroy completed registration forms that VOA employees had collected ... All of the destroyed registration forms were for registrants who indicated their party preference as 'Democrat.'" He has even provided copies of destroyed registration forms he retrieved from his supervisor's garbage can.Voters Outreach of America is run by Nathan Sproul, an Arizona GOP political consultant whose firm, Sproul & Associates, has been paid nearly $500,000 by the Republican National Committee to do voter outreach.

Kinda fucked up. Democracy is great but those who like power are more than willing to subvert it. That's un-American. That's NOT RIGHT. That's what power does, it corrupts. Fuck' tha Republican National Committee. And you know what? Fuck Bush. heh.

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