Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I guess David R. is racist. It's at 86% Yes, 14% No. There's one vote for no. Hmm.. I wonder who that is?

Anyway, Raul asked me to comment on the Bush phony documents thing. It's got to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. And I have seen plenty. The truth is the news is making a big deal about how they are fake, which is bad, but the news is ignoring that although the memos are probably fake, the content of them is true! There's tons of other documentations that tells us that Bush did not serve out his commitment to the National Guard back in the 70's. It sucks that the president got special treatment to even get in to the Guard in order to avoid Vietnam. Not only that, the bastard supported the war as neccessary to protect the United States. However, he could not be bothered to actually fight it. He left that to the poor sons of bitches who didn't have any connections. It sucks that the phony documents dominates while the actual story about how Bush is a jackass and coward. It sucks that Bush skipping out on the Guard to party and live it up is now replaced with speculation about phony documents...

Bottom line: Bush skipped out on a war he believed was right. He took the easy way out and then failed to fulfill the requirements for staying out of the war. His powerful dad got him out of deep shit. Now he pretends to be a hero when he was nothing but a coward back then.

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