Friday, September 10, 2004

Journalists are stupid... 

You can't trust them to get anything right. You can with some though, sort of. They are too fucking scared to take a stand on anything. They parade around lead by the reigning conventional wisdom. They are not unlike sheep.

As we have seen, the very real and disturbing questions about Bush's record
in the National Guard are being almost completely ignored. Everyone is all
twitter about the possible forgery of some of the CBS documents. They neglect
the big picture. The man that got Bush into the National Guard and out of
Vietnam, has admitted his role. Bush failed to sign on to a unit when he went to
Harvard Business School. He missed a physical for very murky reasons. He needs
to be held accountable for his serial lies and obfuscations. With the US
national media though, the prospects are slim. Witness Mrs. Theimer from the
Associated Press,

"I'm a conservative Democrat, but this administration is out of control,
and I've never seen dirtier politics than the Swift Boat stuff, and the
hypocrisy of that when you have an honest-to-goodness American hero being
torn down by the shadowy minions of a powerful family that helped a wayward
son avoid his military obligations so he could party in the woods of
Alabama," O'Keefe said Thursday in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.
"I didn't think I could as a citizen do nothing."

The Bush campaign refuted O'Keefe's comments.

"The president's National Guard service was honorable," Bush campaign
spokesman Steve Schmidt said.

Bush campaign "refuted" nothing. Stating that, is not a refutation it is a response. A rather weak one in fact. Regardless, all the facts are still in question (Mr. Bush will not release all his records) but there is a core which is not in dispute. Why did Bush not take his physical for flight duty? There are a multitude of inconsistencies in Bush's explanations. His only defense seems to be that he was given an honorable discharge. As the memos make clear, as well as the whole way he got into the unit, those in charge have a way of "influencing events". Mrs. Thiemer makes no effort to sort out the facts from the chaff. The "Free Press" is dead.

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