Thursday, August 19, 2004

Liars and hypocrites... 

The smear campaign against Senator Kerry by that group of Swift Boat vets is really galling. Their lies and distortions are getting some light shed on them. It's obvious they are doing this for two reasons:

1) They hate the guy for trying to stop the Vietnam War after he got back.

2) He's running for president on the Democratic ticket.

The ad has worked to cast doubt on Kerry at a very opportune time for Mr. Bush. Of course, it matters little that the entire ad is very short on specifics (which makes sense since their charges are bogus). Mr. Bush's campaign has not denounced the ad. They have talked vaguely of dissaproving of all ads by non-campaign affiliated groups. As we know, the ads are funded by millions of dollars of Republican backers. O'Neill and others involved have contributed money to Republican causes. Kerry denounced an ad talking about Bush's record (or lack of one in the National Guard) even though the site that produced it is not connected personally to him in the way that the Swift Boat Vets are to the Republican party. And the ad is accurate.

All we need to know about Kerry is that the man whose life he save, Jim Rassman is a Republican and is not scared to stand up for the guy. That's more than Bush can say. In fact, his Alabama National Guard buddies seem to not remember him at all.

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