Friday, August 06, 2004

Bush is full of the shit. 

Bush is saying Kerry voted against funding the troops. Because Bush relies on a lazy press corps and incompetent Democrat, he implies pretty embarrasing things about himself, unintentionally. Bush says Kerry voted against the troops funding but this is patent bullshit. He voted against a version of the bill he didn't like. Kerry didn't like that the aid money for reconstruction of Iraq (20 billion of the 87 billion) had no specific plan associated with it.

Guess what? As of July 4th, only 2 percent of the funds are spent! Kerry was right to vote against the form of the bill that passed! Bush's subsequent incompetence at running Iraq has allowed vital money to get the Iraqis on our side, to gather dust and cobwebs somewhere. The larger point is this, Bush threatened to veto the bill Kerry favored because it demanded detailed planning and wanted to pay for the aid with loans to Iraq and not simply grants. Bush did just as Kerry did. He would have voted against the bill in a form he didn't like. Were the troops going to get their funding? No sane person doubted this. Does Bush believe that his veto threat means he wants to deny the troops what they need? By his own logic, yes. That's pretty embarrasing. Anyone with any knowledge of the Senate would know this, but the press is reluctant to clarify things for some reason.

Bush is relying on people to not pay attention. He wants to win an election based on calculated deception and lies. That's no way to win an election. It's bushit.

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