Monday, July 26, 2004

The New York Crimes against discourse... 

A little media criticism here.  The New York Times has the worst campaign coverage imaginable. We get heated discussions about Kerry's wealth, his "flip-flops", basically RNC propaganda disguised as troubling qualities about Kerry (Nagourney and Bumiller). He is unilaterally described as boring, uncharismatic or "patrician" even though he was the charismatic one back in 2000. First off,

The only real suspense this week is which speaker will defy the media's expectations.

Hmm.. I guess that's true but should it? I mean if the media just thinks this is for their entertainment, then they are beyond jaded. Their job is to report the facts. Report the direction the country is headed by using the speeches given by the Democratic Party's players. They are there to relay a vital piece of information for the nations voters and provide serious analysis. The suspense should lie in that, not in who gives the "worst" or "strangest" speech or who exceeds their expectations. Their primary role is not to drink and party. This of course is what happens. They act like the whole thing is a worthless exercise (to which they contribute a large portion of worthlessness).

By a stroke of luck we get a look into the media's soul in the piece. Tierney and Stolberg get up to some polling of our esteemed press (nearly 150 were interviewed, although they note it was difficult since so many were draining some much needed "medicine") . The results show much about their pack mentality and their simple and ample hatred of Al Gore. You see, Gore was voted most likely to give the worst speech. Tierney and Stolberg:

Al Gore, the overwhelming choice in the worst-speech category. (As a service to those who want to miss it, we should point out that Mr. Gore is speaking this evening.)

Where the fuck is the objectivity that the media is supposed to consider their modus operandi? if they really hold these views how can we trust them to accurately report what the ex-Vice President of the United States has to say about the state of the country? Gore was also voted second to deliver the "strangest" speech (1st being Teresa Heinz Kerry).

Mr. Gore, apparently aided by his recent philippics against President Bush, took second place

As the country should know, Gore delivered empassioned speeches before and after the war demanding answers and challenging the Administration. However, the last speech's highlight for the media was a total of 5 seconds where Gore raised his voice. The merits of that titular speech were ignored (see the Howler). According to Tierney and Stolberg, the "philippics" (According to Webster's:
A verbal denunciation characterized by harsh, often insulting language; a tirade. ) were the reason the media voted him to give the second-strangest speech. Unintentionally the media revealed what they believe is truly strange about that speech. It challenged the Administration, demanding accountability, something they surely consider "strange" behavior.

They must hate him more now, because he was right about the war, and they were woefully swindled and played like instruments. Not that they will change. They are incapable of admitting fault. They are good at half-hearted apologies after being forced to (i.e. Chalabi's falling out with the Administration and the Times subsequent apology).

As Wolf Blitzer said on the Daily Show, the press will learn from the mistakes made before the war and they will try to be more skeptical. I am skeptical about that.

These poll results may sound like bad news for the Mrs. Heinz Kerry and her husband, but they could be a blessing. Now that expectations have been officially lowered, they have nowhere to go but up.

You know it is, we all remember the last candidate to exceed the low expectations of the media... George W. Bush. Somehow I don't think they'll cut Kerry any slack.

The media are really pushing their welcome if this survey is representative. We know it is, just ask the Daily Howler. It's sad and pathetic that these are the caretakers of our national discourse, it boggles the mind.

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