Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bold and Decisive... 

I recently saw Michael Moore's film Farenheit 9/11 and it has flaws but its salient portions are so undeniably powerful, that in and of themselves they are worth your eight-fifty. Inevitably, Moore's mistakes or sleight-of-hand will be used by partisans to obscure the real power of the movie. Bush's entire reelection campaign rests on a single pillar. His "bold and decisive" leadership that September 11th morning. Moore's movie however shows us the real George W. Bush. He sits, reading from a kid's book, as the towers burn and he knows that the US is under unprecendent attack. Seven minutes! Dare you believe it! His eyes look glazed, he looks confused and dare I say it, "undecisive"!. It is devastating... They initially claimed that the president left after "not many seconds" after being informed of the second plane hitting the tower. Why would they lie? Pray tell. Add the fact that Air Force One flew around the country for no particular reason. The White House initially claimed that the President was threatened by terrorists. This was a lie. Where's the "boldness" in that? What the fuck was he doing?

Too bad we had to learn this from a "fringe" film maker (after having been denied distribution by a corporation whose board refused to release the film) nearly 3 years (!) after the events in question. It boggles the mind that the media has surrendered its place in our society to become the bloated mutant that it is today. A lazy group of people that chase conventional wisdom as far as it gets them, as long as they don't have uncomfortable thoughts. They are supposed to represent something vital to democracy. They hold public officials accountable, they should be our conscience. Sadly, they care more about "fairness" and their very expensive designer water than actually shaking stuff up.

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