Thursday, June 17, 2004

You gotta be kidding.. 

Dubya is at it again... Bush is claming that the war in Iraq is justified because there were "numerous contacts" between al-Qaeda and Iraq! Can you feel the danger!!! Huh? Can you? Contacts! Mind you, these contacts bore NO fruit, there never was any actual, you know, collaboration between Hussein and Bin Laden. They never even killed a single American, indeed no actual lifeform was killed at all, perhaps a couple of flies when they had their "contact".

This all leads to the inevitable conclusion, why do people seem to believe there was indeed substantial collaboration between Hussein and Bin Laden? (As much as 50%) The question answers itself as Bush artfully uses the English language to create a quite damning picture. Cheney himself said there was a link between the two entities only two days ago, a link that he makes out is quite sinister in origin. In fact the meetings Cheney refers to amounted to nothing yet he implies something else. Let's recall the fearmongering, err.. the "case" that was made to attack Iraq. They talked incessantly of the possibility of nuclear attack (the "mushroom cloud" speech by Bush in Oct of 2003) by a terrorist armed with Saddam's nuke. Too bad the two assumptions underlying that claim fail under breif inspection. The nuclear program was dead, and Al-Qaeda, the one network with the will to attack the US on its own soil was rebuffed in their attempts to acquire aid from Iraq. It stretches belief that the highest officials in our government peddle such disingenous bullshit.

You can see why they do it though. A majority (53% to 43%) of the public thinks the war was not worth it. The fact is the war has made us less safe since we know Iraq did not even threaten Iran much less us. They are desperate. So they polished off this old chestnut. It's sad but can you imagine the mother or father of the 833 soldiers that have died over there being told his daughter or son dies because there were "numerous contacts" between Hussein and Al-Qaeda that produced "no collaborative relationship". Can you? Well that is what is happening and it is tragic.

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