Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Various subjects... 

I've seen most of the summer movies and I must say that whatever positives exist in Shrek 2 and Harry Potter are annihilated by the mess that is The Day After Tomorrow. It's stupid and banal. That's all I have to say about it. I can't believe the shill that Gene Shallit is. hahah.. what a moron! Anyone that believes anything this man says is an even bigger moron.

I really hope people watch that new movie by the decidedly leftist Michael Moore. It should be judged by its merits not the obviously partisan squealing from the right that is already forming. The clip of Bush condemning a Palestinian terrorist attack and then the President saying "now, watch this drive" as he tees off is truly revolting and gives some insight into that small man's soul. Doubtless, it will include Bush's conduct before he took this country to war in that primetime adress last March. Bush looks quite happy he is finally going to war, sitting at his desk mugging for the camera. Sad and pathetic really as he assumes his "serious" look as he intones his prepared, solemn text.

Also, this torture/"abuse" scandal is gonna explode pretty soon. Heads will roll.. Let's hope they are the big ones and not a "few bad apples" as they tried to explain and wish away this whole matter in the beginning. How about some responsability and genuine openness Mr. Bush? How about some accountability? Have you no shame? At long last have you no shame?

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