Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Scandalous # 2!!!!! 

The Bush administration released sensitive information concerning Iranian intelligence to Ahmed Chalabi or one of his cronies. Chalabi's the guy that the Administration trusted to take over Iraq and flew him into the country during the war with his very own militia. They seriously thought he was some kind of Jefferson or something. Oh Jesus, the irony. Chalabi also was at the State of the Union right behind the First Lady and was invited multiple times to the Oval Office. Well, he betrayed us. He gave the information to Iran (a so-called member of the Axis of Evil). That information was that US intelligence had broken the Iranian spy code. The worst part is this,

No more than a few weeks ago senior U.S. spy masters could revel in how much they knew about Tehran's most-secret doings. They had their very own keyhole on the theocracy's inner councils. Even better, the Americans could also eavesdrop on Iran's covert contacts with death-dealing organizations like Hizbullah. As a result, many U.S. intelligence officials were convinced that the Lebanese terror group did not pose an immediate threat to American interests, despite its gory past. Now they don't know what to think. Someone tipped off the Iranians that America had cracked the cryptographic system of Iran's principal spy agency, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security [...]
Regardless of who's responsible for the security breach, it comes at a bad moment: reports from Iraq say suspected Hizbullah operatives may be helping Iraqi insurgents mount terrorist attacks on Americans and other foreign personnel.

My mind reels at the stupidity, incompetence of the Administration. Iranian-backed terrorists might help kill our soldiers in Iraq and we could have known of their plans and killed the motherfuckers. Now we can't. All because some people in the administration "really" fucking liked Chalabi. Criminal. How can ANYONE defend these fools??? The State department and the CIA itself had warned the Administration about Chalabi. He was a wanted in Jordan. He could not account for money given to him to "gather" intelligence in Iraq. Unbelievable.

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