Sunday, May 16, 2004

Good quote this 

"I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to be."
-- Alexander Hamilton


The normally centrist Washington Post lays out the case against Bush. Note that it does not matter if a paper is liberal or conservative, the facts are the facts. A key passage of a must read article,

Even harsher methods have been approved for Guantanamo and for facilities in Afghanistan and elsewhere where the Bush administration is holding detainees it says are "unlawful combatants" under the terms of the Geneva Conventions. These methods have not been officially disclosed, but according to reports in The Post and the New York Times, they include questioning detainees while they are naked, withholding their pain medication and submerging them under water so as to simulate drowning. In these cases, the Bush administration's official position is that it is not violating the Convention Against Torture, which it acknowledges covers all detainees, including unlawful combatants. But the administration also interprets that convention as prohibiting any act that would be unlawful under the U.S. Constitution. We hope Mr. Bush does not really believe that submersion in water should be a permissible way to question American citizens arrested domestically -- yet that is the logic of his administration's position.

This scandal might not be over yet. The arrogance of the Bush Administration clearly directly or indirectly caused all this. Their continuing arrogance prevents them from admitting error, and I don't mean half-ass apologies. I mean actual fucking firings. The incalculable damage done to the image of America will not be known for a while, but we can sleep at night knowing no matter how bad you fuck up, you can keep your job in this administration as long as you tow the party line. Additionally, according to Sy Hersh, it may be worse than we think.

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