Friday, May 07, 2004

Lightning Moving Picture Review # 2 

Lightning Moving Picture Review: Girl with a Pearl Earring

Moving painting and moving film.

"In event of fire, use elevators" 

Enough politics. Time for some human nature exploration. Therefore,

I was just in the math building turning in an assignment and while waiting an interminable amount of time, me gots to thinking: how come you can't use and elevator in event of a fire? I mean what the f*ck?

a. Elevators are way quicker than stairs.
b. Stairs will probably be clogged with people.
c. What are the chances that the fire has spread to the middle of the building (where the elevator is usually located)? Minimal right? Of course I am right.
d. Even if others catch on to your idea on other floors, you can set the elevator to your control using the emergency control button.
d. (supplemental) Screw the other floors I say, I was smart enough to think of d all by myself. First come first serve and all that.

Finally, if a+b+c+d, then "Get outta of my way, I am gonna hear some cheap elevator music on my way down out of this death trap suckahs..."

*of course, this is all in jest. All you fire marshals can calm down and stop hyperventilating. Even though I am in on your little scam I'll let this one slide. Thanks. Suckahs.

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