Saturday, May 01, 2004

I think I will let one man's story counter the whole Bush Admin... 

These passages are truly devastating. The only way to discredit him is to say he lies. Oh and his story was promoted by Kerry's campaign. (Duh, as if the Republicans are going to give this guy a hearing, ha!) People who praise one and all troops as heroes (as they should) should hesitate smearing this guy since his only crime (to RNC gospel) is to report truth that is politically damaging to Bush. He also spent 10 months in Iraq with a command of 40 soldiers. Additionally, he was at Ground Zero.

When his unit reached Baghdad, he said, "We soon found out that the people who planned this war were not ready for us. There were not enough vehicles, not enough ammunition, not enough medical supplies, not enough water. Many days, we patrolled the streets of Baghdad in 120-degree heat with only one bottle of water per soldier. There was not enough body armor, leaving my men to dodge bullets with Vietnam-era flak vests. We had to write home and ask for batteries to be included in our care packages. Our soldiers deserved better."

Hmm.. pretty bad huh. It gets worse,

Three days before his soldiers were due to leave Iraq, their tour was extended indefinitely, and the instability grew, Rieckhoff said.

"Our platoon had been away from their families for seven months. Two babies had been born. Three wives had filed for divorce, and a fiancée sent a ring back to a kid in Baghdad. Thirty-nine men missed their homes. And they wouldn't see their homes for another eight months." He said some of his men were wounded, including a squad leader who lost both legs in combat, but all 39 eventually came home alive.

Finally, the final stroke on Bush's credibility as war president:

While President Bush has said U.S. forces are making progress in Iraq, Rieckhoff said, "Our troops are still waiting for more body armor. They are still waiting for better equipment. They are still waiting for a policy that brings in the rest of the world and relieves their burden. Our troops are still waiting for help.

"I am not angry with our president, but I am disappointed," he said. "I don't expect an easy solution to the situation in Iraq; I do expect an admission that there are serious problems that need serious solutions. . . .

"The soldiers I served with are men and women of extraordinary courage and incredible capability. But it's time we had leadership in Washington to match that courage and match that capability."

Enough said I think.

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