Saturday, April 24, 2004

What? Yeah! 

As per request, here are the 3 sketches I made during Math Modeling (485) the other day. Professor was talking about something or other and I fazed out and got cranking on these 3 sketches. Very productive for me really. Usually I get bored with a drawing and mess it up. In fact before I did these three I kinda drew these very crappy dragon things. It didn't seem like my creative juices were flowing but somehow that crap I first drew dislodged the good stuff. Ok enough talk. And yes John, I have much more to complain about. heh.

"Crouching Demon" This one is mainly just a demon crouching, seems better than standing around, I know that gets tiring. Maybe he's a catcher in Hell's softball league. You know they must have one, since it would get boring for the demons after a while with all that repetitive tormenting of Hitler, George Wallace et al. Although not so for the tormented I suppose.

"Dragon Tattoo" Hmm, this seems like it could make a good tattoo. Not that I would put it on myself. Although...

"Flaming Demon" This is my favorite, I like the detail in the fire. I think it rocks. But then again, it's my ego I am stroking not yours so you might not agree.

Parting quote. "Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!"

A Post I Will Regret 45.8 Years from Now 

So old people drive right. Did I say drive? How 'bout barrel through other people's cars at high speed! As you might or not know (probably, you don't) this lady crashed into my 1991 Ford Thunderbird, a real beauty of a machine by the way. I don't really mean that, I wish I had a German car. I don't even care if it's the next best thing actually, Swedish, Belgian or something. In addition, I like the Japanese car since it will run even if a neutron bomb hits it. Anyway, the point of this post is that there has to be a better way to license people over 65. They should be treated just like 16 year old's are. They should get permits, I am completely serious.

A related point, in the interest of fairness given my previous recommendation, if you are a teenager you should get a little card that says "Teenager" and be eligible to receive discounts at your local Applebees' (Your Neighborhood Corporate Restaurant) and other such restaurants. Also, you should be able to get cheap pizza at Little Ceasar's. Oh wait, wait... I am being told that Little Ceasar's does not make pizza anymore, apparently they make bread with cheese and processed tomato sauce on top. Sorry for the confusion. Zing!

Ouch.. sorry bout that Little Ceasar's but really, it's all your fault. Back to the theme of this post, I really don't like people hitting my car. However, as long as I can take advantage of the insurance company... err... situation, it is quite alright. Apparently, and I hope to God they are not reading this, (AIG Insurance), they will reimburse me quite handsomely. Don't get me wrong, I love old people. It's them with cars that I am not too comfortable. Peace.

And one more thing, to quote the great Dave Chapelle, "I am rich! Bitch!"

War in Iraq

I guess I should make some things clear. It is obvious that the people who are fighting for their lives and this country in Iraq deserve all the praise they receive although much of this praise from politicians is simply sucking up. That said, I was opposed to this war from the start for substantial reasons. I was not opposed to it simply out of hatred for anything that Bush did (although I have an intense dislike for the guy). I was opposed to it simply because it would be far to hard to do especially considering we had to scrape troops from Honduras and Thailand. Not a knock on those countries but when you compare this war to the first Golf War the current "coalition" partners are simply window dressing (except Poland, Italy and England).

The fact remains the current situation (chaos) could have been directly predicted before the war. In fact it was. The recent book by Woodward seems to show Bush simply went with the best possible scenarios, I mean they seriously thought they would only have 30,000 US troops by last summer. Unbelievable. Instead, we are being forced to increase this amount. John McCain said it himself before and now. ''It's painfully clear that we need more troops,'' McCain says. You can't ignore him. He is without a doubt one of the few good Republicans left now. The rest simply are trying to prop up Bush against all odds. And let me tell you the odds are growing against Bush.

Which is not to say that Iraq is something we can afford to fail in. I shudder to think of the consequences if we pull out, leaving the wolves to the sheep. There are few good choices left. That is the most distressing thing about the situation. This could all have been forseen but the gung-ho crew felt what I expect was a mighty fucking good "hunch". Let's not forget Ken Adelman's infamous words, "I think it would be a cakewalk." Representative? Recall Cheney's talk of the troops being greeted as liberators by a grateful Iraqi population. This seemed to have happened but it does not take a genius to figure out this initial reaction would evaporate the moment they realized we were gonna stay a long long time. Assumptions that now seem disastrous. What a sorry sorry group of old priviledged men to have made them from thousands of miles away. I guess the old can be just as naive as the young. Which brings me to the final point. Through the prism of time, this episode will be seen with amazement and horror. How could a country be led to an unnecessary war in the hottest (politically and in climate) part of the planet with so little debate and forthought???

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