Friday, April 23, 2004

A recurring feature here at carlos does the blog thing etc... is the Lightning Moving Picture reviews. There are basically just a couple of words. I await your amazement. Anyway, the inaugural moving picture is none other than Kill Bill vol. 2.

Lightning Moving Picture Review: Kill Bill vol. 2

Kung-fu postmodernism with humor.

Well my friend John just told me that Bush actually said something to the effect that he'll "let us know" who takes over in Iraq on the magic day we are all waiting for (if you are a Republican shill that is), June 30th. What the fucking fuck??? The leader of the free world has no idea who will take over in Iraq, the major foreign policy concern this man must have. Who makes this stuff up? How is this possible. I know there is an entire side of the country that will excuse anything and I mean anything that this man does or does not do (i.e. react to fucking CIA memos warning of an imminent attack in the US of A!) but come on. Give me a break. What would Jesus do?

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